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Owned by JDS who have been manufacturing survival equipment for over 20 years. Supplying Search & Rescue teams, SARDA, OEC Establishments, Schools and Instructors. The leading range of Summit Bothy Bags have developed  from the heavier versions of the Karrimor Instructor Survival Unit (KISU) to the lighter fully featured shelters you see today.

Summit Bothy Bags are available in a range of sizes and colours including a unique Cammo bothy bag. Latest products include the developmentt of a SUPALITE range, and a reversible green shelter, which turns to show a high viz colour roof.

We continue to try and innovate new products for  outdoor sports, primarily  the development of durable lightweight materials  to be used in the fabrication of survival shelters and related products

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Blonde One and I have extolled the virtues of bothy bags (storm shelters/group shelter/KISU) to you before. In the hills, whether you have an emergency or just want somewhere warm to eat your lunch, they really can't be beaten. Mountain Rescue use them, the BMC recommend them, they make a difference and they can save lives by preventing hypothermia.

One of the problems with bothy bags however is their bulk and weight (especially for someone with knee issues like me). One of us will always carry one if we are walking with a group (unless they have tents) but finding a lightweight storm shelter that will fit easily Which is why we were very pleased on Saturday to be trying out the Summit Gear Supalite 2 Person Bothy Bag. Lunchtime proved to be the perfect opportunity to do so because just as we started sandwich munching, Dartmoor decided to do hailing. The Supalite Bothy Bag is indeed very light, weighing in at 230-244 grams and measuring just 4cm by 6cm in its attached stuff sack, it really is the solution to my carrying problem. To keep the weight down, it doesn't have the little extras of more heavy storm shelters, there is no plastic window (always tricky to see through anyway) and it doesn't have insertion points for walking poles. The Supalite does however have a velcro air vent, a draw cord around the bottom and a high visibility roof.into my rucksack, my swimming bag or even my pocket has, until now, proved difficult.

We gave ours a good testing and were impressed. It is not the roomiest of shelters but, for the pack size the Supalite offered ample room for two Blondes and their lunch. It took a little bit of adjusting to arrange it to our liking with the fluorescent yellow roof correctly positioned but once were were comfortably seated, the temperature inside rose quickly.

In an emergency situation you might wish for a larger version than the 2 person (Summit Gear will make any size you require) but there would be room at a push for a casualty and a rescuer. The Supalite fits back into its stuff sack with some persuasion and its double-stitched seams and fabric are tougher than their combined appearance. If there are any issues with seams or repair needs, Summit Gear offer a lifetime guarantee and free repair service.

All in all, we Blondes are very pleased with our purchase and will walk safer on the hills (with warmer lunchtimes) knowing that it is with us. At £69.99 this is not a cheap alternative but the Supalite Bothy Bag 2 Person is currently on sale at £39.99 which is reasonable comparable with more heavy alternatives.

Whatever your outside adventure, it pays to consider how you would deal with an emergency. Please consider learning to navigate, carrying a survival, bivvy or bothy bag, having easy access to a torch and whistle and letting someone sensible know where you are going.

Fi Darby, Two Blondes Walking.com www.twoblondeswalking.com
"Hi Pete, great week in Scotland thanks. Storms Gertrude and Henry put the bothy bag through its paces. Very pleased with it thanks. very light and compact. Even though this is a 4 man bothy bag making in a new lighter material means i will also use it for our weekly mountain bike rides. I have attached some pictures during storm Gertrude where we used it to shelter from the wind and driving snow.

Thanks for the prompt attention, kind regards Mark
Mark Fagg - Mountaineer,
"Thankyou for sending us the new Supalite Bothy to trial. I am delighted to to say that we are very pleased with it, and will be purchasing some for our leaders and staff to carry. This version should also be popular with mountain bikers and fellrunners as its so compact" Elspeth Mason, Elspeth is a Leading Practitioner of the Institute for Outdoor Learning http://www.meremountains.co.uk
"Have used Summit Bothy Bags for many years, they are a vital part of personal kit – providing protection against adverse conditions year round" Hilary Fouweather, Kendal Search & Rescue www.kendalmrt.org.uk
"As a Lake District National Park Voluntary Warden, I make sure I always carry my Bothy Bags (KISU) in my rucksack when on patrol" Derek F Tunstall MBE, Chairman Lake District National Park Voluntary Warden Service www.cockermouthmrt.org.uk
"A Bothy Bag is an essential part of my equipment on the hills, both at home and abroad. I regularly use one of your shelters for rest stops,
clothing changes and sometimes to stabilise an injured climber out of the wind and rain. An excellent piece of kit for all mountain folk."
Alan Kimber, UIAGM AMI www.westcoast-mountainguides.co.uk