Refund Terms & Data


We would hope to deliver your order within 1-3 days of receiving your order usually by Royal Mail second class post.  Please note we do not post on bank holidays and national holiday weekends such as Easter, Christmas and New Year. If any substantial delay is anticipated or encountered you will be contacted and advised of the expected delivery date,alternatively a refund will be offered, In the event that we are unable to supply the products you wish to purchase and/or in the event you do not wish to purchase any suggested alternative products (where your first choice is unavailable), we will refund in full any payment which you have forwarded automatically.


Goods advertised on the site are there as an invitation to treat and are not an offer to sell. until notification of an order is received capable of being fulfilled. Therefore there is no contractual obligation to supply goods that are not in stock at the time of the order, and any monies received are refunded to nullify the creation of an obligation to supply.Returns
Goods qualifying under our lifetime guarantee scheme will be repaired free of charge, return postage paid for by customer
  1. Returning new faulty goods can be done via the website by emailing us a request. We will send the appropriate instructions and address details.
  2. Return postage is refundable on new faulty items, equivalent to the GPO costs that we pay to despatch goods.


From time to time stock shortages do occur, In these circumstances you will be contacted and we will discuss possible alternative products. At this time you can decide whether or not to purchase the alternative products suggested, or request a refund


We aim to supply all our products in the best of condition. We are highly committed to customer satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with the condition of the items we supply, we would ask that you contact as us using either our order hotline or via the contact us page of the website. We will investigate your dissatisfaction as quickly as possible and provide a full refund within 21 days of the completion of our investigation

All our bothy bags, which are made by us carry a lifetime guarantee for normal use. We offer a free repair service should the seams be compromised in normal use> Normally we are happy to repair shelters that have been damaged, due to accident and within reasonable scale.

N.B. Bothy bags are not a guarantee of survival in poor weather and high winds. The purpose is too extend the time someone can avoid hypothermia. The more people there are in a shelter the better they work. A Two person shelter will not be as efficient as a ten person and should be kept in mind. The only way to be truly safe is to carry a tent/bivi with a suitable temperature rated sleeping bag.

Payment for your order can be made by cheque made payable to “JDS Components” if required and an invoice supplied.

If you order and pay on-line, we will email confirmation of your order.

Email or call us on 07828 668 803 or for further information

In the event that you are not satisfied with your product, or if you should need to contact us for any other reason you can do so via the contact us page on the website.

Large Orders & Cancellation 

Orders over a thousand pounds will be supplied via a proforma invoice and paid by BACS.  The following cancellation terms apply
Any cancellation of a large order prior to purchase of raw materials and machining can be refunded on request.
However once Raw materials have been purchased the customer will be liable for the cost of the fabric.
Once the order has been made up and completed cancellation would cost 40 percent of the order value


JDS Components (Summitgear) only store customers contact details ie: name, address, email address and telephone numbers necessary to aid with communication and to deliver orders, via post or courier and to fulfil our accounting obligations to the Inland Revenue.

We do not store any Bank or Card Details. Our website does not use cookies or any tracking systems to obtain any further information.
JDS Components (Summitgear) do not share any personal or business information with any marketing or third parties.

Any queries regarding this policy please contact us.